A real story happened a few days ago

A real story happened a few days ago

He was a married man
And he has one daughter, waiting for her with his passion
After a period of time without children, we said, Praise be to God, God will bless whoever he pleases and chooses

She also told you that she was his only daughter

And she was almost six years old and he did not reject any request as soon as she wanted something to seek and provide it

So that his wife was often ending his daughter's peddling in this picture for fear that spoil the excess fat

Here the wife insisted on the husband to allow the girl to play with the sons of neighbors

And with relatives and this happened after a long discussion

Until it became normal

One day, something unexpected happened

This girl was visiting a relative

This poor girl went to the shop next door to their relatives' house

And what happened did not expect and does not come to mind 000000

The girl was afraid of an old woman

This old woman was famous in the neighborhood for chasing children

She is said to be her magician

When this poor woman was going to the shop next to her parents' house

And while in the shop and if the old woman stuck poor girl

So that this girl could not cry only burst tears of her eye from

The intensity of her fear, without hearing her voice

Anne tried to get rid of the grip of this genie but to no avail

Even the migrant worker who was selling in the shop was afraid of the old man's body

He could intervene

The poor woman tried to rid herself of this devil who wore the uniform

Human but without little benefit.

Even the sweets and juices that the poor woman carried were scattered from her hand

With the innocence of childhood she tried to gather up the desserts and juices

And the old woman pushed her with all her strength so she dropped her repeatedly on the ground without

There is a kind of compassion and compassion for this little angel

The old woman took the girl and threatened the seller not to tell anyone what he saw because

The girl, her daughter and the poor one, burst into tears when she could not get rid of them

She thought this old woman wanted to take her with her

The old man was afraid that passersby would hear the cry of the child so she tried to muzzle her mouth

Then the old poor girl bitten, and she took care of her

Turned to where all the source of strength and security

The poor woman went to her father's house as she cried and the old woman caught her

I ran the poor without feeling and with all my strength and despite the distance to her home

The important ran the poor and whenever you try to stop and hint the old man starts again

She continues to scream

Until her house arrived, her father listened to her broken cries and saw her miserable condition

Before he spoke to her and asked her, she fell unconscious

As if to say to him, "I, my father, have come to you to protect me.

Save me, Father

The father ran mad and took his daughter inside, and screamed when she saw a case

Her only daughter, her appearance, the intensity of her breathing and the heat of her body

And the heart of her father is overcome by pain as if to say I am the reason, I have neglected my heart

With days

The father did not know what to do with a confused shadow

Then starting to play it and laugh it

Until it began to return to its normal state

Then my darling asked her who bought you these juices and sweets and told him she was

She bought it herself from the shop

Then he took her praise and told her that she shared his child and his intelligence


He asked her

My daughter, why are you afraid and weeping? Is there anyone who has hit you?

The poor woman kept silent as if she were recalling events in her small memory

She continued to cry

Then she flew to her mother with sad eyes as if to say to her, Mom, I'm afraid

You did not believe me this time, either, before you started talking about tears

It falls again from the poor eye

She said to her mother and tears fell from her small innocent eyes

And the spontaneity that the old woman beat her and tried to carry with her but she got rid of

Of them and fled

And before she was poor she heard her words

The doorbell and the father said to his daughter to forget what happened, go, my love

The door opened and the poor woman rose to open the door

But before she opened it she came back crying and she was afraid

She told her charming mother, Jah, to take me with her

She screamed and begged her parents not to let the witch take her

And her father said to her, Let her tell you, I will smite her

The father got up to see who was on the bat

And actually Fuji was surprised by this old man standing in front of his house and its shape scary

The father 's face changed and his blood rose and he said, "What do you want from my daughter, old man?"

God curse you tell me

Ala voted the father and attended the neighbors and the people around them

Then the poor man said to her, "Go away from my house, and I hope you will come to my daughter once."


Otherwise I swear that I will kill you

But the old man refused his words and said, I want the girl to bring me the girl I will not go

Before the girl comes

Everyone exclaimed and said to her, What do you want from the girl, O woman of my trip for you

I salute you

But she was speaking and her voice was scary. I want the girl to bring the daughter to me

The father lost his temper and went inside and brought with him a firearm and said I swear

If you do not leave, I will kill you, but the neighbors gathered around him and tried to calm him down

Before committing a crime that would lead to the loss of his future

Then a neighbor called the police

The police came and tried to understand the old woman to go in front of the house but

Without interest

Then when they could not solve the problem they said to the father of the girl brought the girl

We pledge to protect it

The father refused categorically and strongly and insisted that his daughter would not go out to this witch

If it is not possible for the police and the attendees to resolve the case, then it is not permissible for him to do so

The old man

But after police attempts with the parent as well as the neighbors

I was persuaded to take out his daughter and told him that if you tried to hurt her, we promise to let you go

Fire it

The father entered to take out his poor daughter, who found her weeping and clinging to her mother

He tried with her to come out but she refused

After many attempts with her, he succeeded in convincing this innocent girl

The poor woman came out with her mother carrying a bag of juice and sweets

Which she did not exaggerate despite what she suffered poor, and her eyes are confused where

Everyone is going after her with his looks,

And immediately after the departure in front of the old and in the presence of everyone

The suspicious thing happened that aroused all the audience

The old man jumped suddenly and without being noticed

And yesterday
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