I traveled to Saudi Arabia small

Since I was in third grade primary with the father, may God have mercy on him

We started the first grade preparatory English language course

Saudi students were considered English

Satanic thing can not be deciphered evil and magic

This was supported by some fatwas that consider the sanctity of studying this language

As the language of infidelity

We have passed the first and second preparatory grades and most students do not know how to pronounce the characters

It was quite different for me because my parents taught English

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Arts, Department of English

When we reached the third grade preparatory school, we were taught by a Saudi professor for the first time

His name had a wondrous impact was his name Professor (Jarboua Jarboua)

A Saudi family is well known

Imagine an English professor named Garbo.

It is important that our professor has just returned from a mission in the United States to study the latest English teaching methods

He went into the classroom saying
Good Morning every body

Only four of 28 students responded

While the rest gaped with astonishment

The poor man tried to continue to address the chapter in English

She did not break for five minutes until he cried out like a thunderbolt

(And Matardon O bulls)

One of the students said - he was very well known for his stupidity -

(Hanna Mandry and Woo Tour)

This was a turning point in Professor Jarbouh's thought towards teaching English

He made a commitment to teach students a new way

He entered the next quota carrying a stick similar to the sticks of the central security agents

He began teaching letters and asked us to memorize the twenty-sixth letters within a week

To have a test afterwards

On the day of the test, he shouted

God wrote them that hard letter in their leaves

Then he said

Here came out ten voices at the same time ask

Um, no mother Krchin paunch ?

So the former learned that

Umm Karsh P
Mother Krchen B

Here Professor Jerobo was suddenly struck

And he thrashed the heads of everyone with a stick, and he trembled with his own loud voice

(And God to Ddbkm Dbg)

In the sense of our beauty hit

Professor Jerobo insisted on teaching us the conduct of verbs in English

The way was to give us 10 actions and conduct them in a share

It is performed in the following class

The next share was a torture share for the newborn

Professor Jerobo was entering the classroom without any introduction

His stick was raised to the limit above his head

He yells at the first student from the right


And here the student screams like the soldiers who perform the military salute

(Break Broke Broken)

If he did not say it, Professor Jerobo shouted


The student opens his arms and handles the professor with two great blows

They leave his hands at the bottom of a row where he sees neither crooked nor dull

The majority of students preparing for the party (I mean quota) was not reserved

But rubbing their hands hard to be hot ready to hit

Because it is impossible to memorize words they can not read at all

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