Is an Egyptian Muslim girl named a patent at the age of ten is the only mother and father,
Her parents are doctors who traveled to Saudi Arabia to work in a hospital
Saudi Arabia, the innocence of a child was so noble and intelligent that it was preserved

The Quran is fully in its provisions at this age, studied in Saudi Arabia in schools

Typical teacher always told her ... You must be in the stage

Preparatory rather than primary, her family is a happy small family committed, and suddenly

Without warning, the mother felt severe pain and after the tests she was confirmed to be infected

With cancer, but in its late stages, the mother thought a lot about how to tell her daughter privately

If she woke up days and found them, and finally after a long thought said to her:
(O innocence, I will precede you on Paradise, and the Qur'an that you memorize must be read every day

If this is what you keep in this world)

She did not understand the obvious innocence, but she felt the change when she left her mother

The house was established permanently in the hospital

And go back to the hospital accompanied by her mother read the Koran and not only in the evening

When her father comes ..

One morning I called the hospital to run the father

She told him that his wife was in danger and that he should come now

A patent school took her in his hand and rushed to the hospital, when he arrived

The hospital asked the patent to stay in the car until it reassures her mother and then returns

To take it to see it, it is my father to take it with him so as not to be directly shocked

If the mother died, the father rushed out of his car, his eyes filled with tears

His mind strayed with thought, and as he crossed the road to enter the hospital he was hit by a car

A speeding died just before my eyes innocence, and came down speeding cry in the lap

Her father who left her in the car to die alone on the way ..

O masters of the tragedy of innocence is not over yet, the news of death was hidden from the mother who

She lay in the hospital but only five days later the mother left, the father left and left

Mother remained only a patent in life.

Became lonely after her parents died and do not know any close in Saudi Arabia,

And met friends of the father and the good people of the Egyptians and Saudis,

To find a solution to the status of a patent, and how to arrange for delivery to parents in Egypt ..

But without warning you feel very pathetic and after the tests you know

The little girl has the same disease as the mother

In front of everyone (Praise be to God, Hafov Baba and Mama) everyone was in amazement and was amazed

Strangely, the scourges followed by scandals descend on the head of the little girl Sabra

Happy with the judgment of God, began the story of innocence known to people slowly within the community

Saudi Arabia and guaranteed by a good Saudi man Abi to know people even his name, and travel

At his own expense to Britain for the treatment of this ruthless disease is not small

Not too much, and in the hospital one of the satellite channels contacted her on the air

To reassure her health and asked her to read some verses of the Koran and I cried with a voice of torture

Beautiful what I have heard in my whole life the voice of the most beautiful and fresher than the voice of innocence, and contacted her

Once again before her last coma the girl sang a song to the mother I poured millions

The viewers followed that prayer to her parents with mercy and forgiveness, and it lasted for days

The pain in the hospital in Britain is spread this tumor in her body and decides

Doctors immediately amputated her legs, and she is patient with God's spending periods

And her awareness of life in reading the Koran, and after the days of the disease again

And arrived to the brain, doctors decided to perform urgent surgery in the brain of a week,

Her little body is now lying in a hospital, sir, this is a story of innocence

And I ask you to pray for her to heal, sincere to God from your hearts

We have a call from Abd ...
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