Princess Lamis

Princess Lamis

It was Yamakan in ancient times and the era of time and time there was a beautiful princess called Lamis
Lamees lived in the palace of her father, Saad

Lamis liked to play with her younger brother Samir

One day she woke up to Mies from sleep and when she came out of her room

To have breakfast with her family and to deposit her mother traveling to her grandmother in the city

When the family finished eating breakfast, Queen Belkis called

Then Princess Lamis went out to the garden of the house to see her beautiful flowers
After hours of intense stormy hours, she rushed to Mace

They were all worried about Queen Balqis

But fortunately they got to know Queen Bilqis of the driver that she was staying at her mother's house
So be assured
But the storm lasted until evening
While she was sitting with her younger brother, Samir,

His sisters told her that we are bored and worried why do not you play with me please?
They are protected and if they are approved
And he said to her, I will hide, and you seek me
And she said, Well, I will play with you
When Samir went to hide, the door of the vault was open
He said it was a good place and would not find me
And when he came down from the cellar stairs
The presidency is an old place and it is a time no one has gone
While he was sitting, he heard a voice
A soft voice crying
And the young man was very afraid and said from there
He came to know the cause of that sound
Shea butter covered with covers
When he lifted the lid he found an old boat and behind that the boat was young
Lying on the ground screaming from pain and hunger
The young man said with a hybrid voice, help me, please, the boy helped me
I hurt helped me
And Samir answered with a thin voice, I will help you
But where did you come from ?? !! ??
The young man's response helped me and then I will tell you
And Samir said, "Well, I will go to seek help."
His sister called Lamis and told her about it
Call the doctor
After having been treated by a doctor
Tell the young man Samir and Lamis about the subject
And tell them as follows
I am the prince of a city in the neighborhood
I was on a fishing trip
And when the storm came, I could not find my foot, and I sprained my foot
The Persians were screaming
We had a river running away and I fell on a rock and lost consciousness
My feet became numb and I was consciously prepared but I tried to get up but because of
My feet I could only walk up at the back cellar door
I tried to open it and I got out of the storm, but then I could not get up because of my injured foot
When he finished telling his story, the boys were very affected
And now their father has returned, and the queen Balquis has returned
They told him about the prince's story
The King and the King were affected by their talk
When the prince recovered from the injury, he went to the king to ask for the hand of his daughter Princess Lamis for marriage. The king agreed and had a big wedding
And they all lived happily.
And his daughter, Tothah, came to his conclusion.

The end
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