The moment of survival !!

The moment of survival !!

The sons of the inhabitants of the neighborhood of the upscale neighborhood complained to the police station against the imam of the mosque, who multiplied his followers, and the influx of large crowds caused great disturbance and contention in the streets of that neighborhood. The officer immediately ordered a number of mabahiths to bring this Sheikh! And to send a severe warning to him !! So I went this group, and soon returned with a nostalgic nostalgia !! No Sheikh brought, and no warning directed !!

When he saw the failure of his group's efforts, he asked angrily: "Why did not you bring him?" They answered him with one voice, not to reach him, and his followers save the eye of the sun from their multitude !!

He did not give them any further discussion, and gave him a sit-in, saying, "I'm going to attend him now!"

He arrived at the mosque, and the Sheikh continued to deliver his sermon, and barely reached the officer to the outer ladder of the Grand Mosque after he passed with great difficulty hundreds of rows that gathered in the length of the street rattled carpets of prayer, and began to feel ashamed of the large infringement of those rows, The bright face of one of the worshipers, explaining to him a bit and pointing him to sit !!

Did not hesitate at all to meet this invitation, which came as a lifeline; after reaching the critical amount; because of the penetration of those rows that wrapped silence in the atmosphere of shameful majestic, download the words of that Sheikh as good as the streets penetrating the ears of hearts !!

And what are only moments, even forgot that officer what was coming for him !! He began to feel the feelings of the Sheikh touching his heart, and God wanted to play those words on a chord in his life, and cracked all the walls of the barriers surrounded his heart during a long period of Time, and turned that officer Pharaoh to a child is a deposit, could not resist tears that flowed in a majestic view of the intensity of the impact of the words of the Sheikh !! But . . Oh my God!! . . Has been interrupted event bar at this shot !! We did not know what happened after that ?!

But the next shot showed a sad story that wrapped the hearts with a wave of deep sadness, which was never easily forgotten or surpassed!

The Sheikh died. . But the good ending that accompanied his death was the only solace of the hearts of his loved ones. . He passed away on the ship to perform Umrah in Mecca during the holy month of Ramadan. . In the first incident of its kind, the Saudi government agrees to open its borders to a non-citizen, to be buried next to the mother of believers Khadija may Allah be pleased with !! In dignity, the Shaykh proves that he has a high status and prestige that he has well deserved in the hearts of his followers and loved ones.

The story is not over yet. . The scene has returned to the pulpit, which was Sheikh Sheikh, may God have mercy on him in his life, but this time was not the one who takes care of him ?!

But he was a young man wearing a huge structure, thick beard, bright face with the light of faith !!

Do you know who he is ?! It is the officer (the commanding officer) who wanted to arrest the Sheikh one day !! But this moment of faith was the turning point in his life, he began his journey back to God !!

And did not satisfy himself but the inherent intimacy of that Sheikh who opened God on his hands listen to his heart !!
He did not leave him since then, until he became his deputy !!
And received the flag, to continue after the march of the call to God !!

It is a moment of survival. . God came in that servant to grant him the greatest blessing on earth, the grace of guidance. . And bear the trust of the prophets and messengers. . Perhaps he continues the path in the hope of meeting the loved ones on the basin. . Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his companions. .

When, where and how will the moment of your survival?
Perhaps now. . By reading these words?

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

NB :
This story is completely true in all its details, and the name of Sheikh Al-Fadil (may Allah have mercy on him) (Sheikh Ibrahim Ezzat) and the name of the mosque (Anas bin Malik) and the name of the neighborhood (engineers) Cairo / Egypt
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