The Muha Story

This story is related to her
My story is strange and its events stranger happened and God Almighty Almighty before I create ... I do not say except God, thank you as you should the glory of your face and great power in any case
My story is not written in any forum and this is the first forum I write in which many hesitated before writing but I thought to write a lot of good and may be a sermon and through it to many and perhaps chose me God Almighty get Leah so much burning many Hallelujah every spend God Almighty.
My story is played where passion is a big role I'm from people who were affected and sympathy quickly and without thinking .....
In general, you have understood my intention through the events that have come to you,
The actual beginning of the story I was on the day I follow the tape of a very conservative channel drew the title of a girl named herself (Maha Nasser) and the second unit, together with the title (Albazqa) and the third title (I came as I) was brave and I came to farewell Mahaalnas sadly and say if you traveled
For the outside of Latnse your Koran and some useful books and the second says by God, your operation simple and reassured by peace ..... I understood after Maha Nasser sent to the bar and ask the girls to allow her to travel to work because of an accident happened to her lost her sisters and she remained broken and need operations and sent verses very sad mention Some of her words say
The lowest recovery, Maha? Mother of the Graves calls
All the girls of the tape were affected, and all sent her friends and patience
Maha invited us and invited her friends and I came with great sorrow and pain
Maha was absent from the tape, and in her absence, I lost my mind, so I was very busy with her. I thank God Almighty to heal her and wear her clothes for health and wellness and facilitate her operation.
I would have liked to know anyone and tell us about it and many girls would ask about it ... but there was no answer.
The absence of her absence two months .. On the day I follow the tape as usual and with the routine tape repeated .. This is asking to mix Blhm cheeks because they have a marriage .. And this tells her problem with her husband and asks the girls of the tape to help her and ...... I am following I suddenly cried
(Maha Nasser Tkawul):
I break my chest and seek healing
And a sickle and dorsal eye
Distorted Defective Desperate .. Maha?
Hahat the star closer.
I was surprised by Maha back !!!

I was not surprised by the joy of regurgitation and sadness on the verses sad ..
They all interacted with the girls
Which you send, thank God for its safety
Which Mancetk never says from my propaganda
And they saw her friends (the puberty and I came as I am), and they expressed their joy to return in their own way
Maha said, "My operation has been successful and I have continued to live my life in Ksouri
Her friends repelled her and reminded her of God's ability to heal and call her to a second meeting on the tape only after they planted trust in God Almighty in the same Maha
I thanked them and asked them because she was very upset and went out of the bar ...
A few days later, Maha came on the tape and called out to her friends (the puppy and I came) but they could respond to her
She was sending very sad verses describing her suffering and great longing for her sisters (Arwa and Laila) and she welcomes the death and wishes that they are in their graves
I cut my heart on her and I said I lost her sisters and suffer from injuries and her friends on the tape are busy and need them?
The original subject from here: The Egyptian Stock Exchange
I decided to get out on the tape and its hooks
And actually recorded the title # Saberin # and entered the tape
I handed over and asked her about her health
She assured me she was fine now and thankfully
I called her Mansetik pretense even in the sanctuary
She thanked me and called me and asked me if I was from Mecca?
I do not answer her grandfather
Sulfana and Dardashna, a light chat, she felt that she had taken over
Her style was a summit in taste and ethics was a creative poet she liked talking Arabic very much like you
Arabic teacher
She was, despite her suffering, responsive, taken, and given together

I came out of the tape after what I called and I wish to see her constantly went out and her style and Gadhibito hesitate in my imagination
The days passed and I saw her coming out on the tape and I sometimes went out and handed her over
Maha Al-Nasser was familiar with many girls and most of the girls in the film loved her
But I noticed Shi Ghraib Masrt Ashuf her close friends too !!
She was always calling on them and not alone
And once opened the channel and felt (brave) on the tape of a second member
(Tala Maha on the tape and sent)
The people of Al Wafa Maa Jiffa
Are not we sorry in the past?
..... This is what you remember from the verses ......
When Maha was sent, Al-Basma came out of the tape and sent it out
In this moment I entered (because I am very, very very sorry for Maha)
And I said: I put Maha Maitlm Zell
Maha need to be honest brother
I got out of the bar
Maha was absent from the tape after this situation and was preoccupied with it
Was in his service on the tape Ano can control the control of the message from your mobile to the mobile of any member of the non-showing number of any one appears in the track number channel number
I prepared my message to her and asked the controller to deliver it and actually arrived, and I made it happy, and she was more pleased with her response. She welcomed me with her usual word (Hello Ahiti Sabreen)
She said, I ask you questions if you listen to me
The original subject from here: The Egyptian Stock Exchange
The first question was:
What do you know about Maha?
I know about you everything you wrote in the tape

She said ok by asking you the second question and I hope you answer me frankly
(Are you familiar with me) (sorry for me?)
God, when I got the question
I felt very hard this human then the dignity of the same powerful Mtsmalha even if in the most difficult conditions it brings down

I answered and said

Maha answered her question and said:
Maha Ante human rare rare heart and your ethics
((It is enough that you memorize the Koran))
After two more in the unit on the tape send it sick and and and why you did not know Zek
Maha I need you
I live without owners

I replied: But I'm sick?
I said: My Lord is able to heal you in the blink of an eye
I replied: My name is Maha Abdel-Karim Al-Nasser
I am 22
I live in Riyadh
I studied to a second secondary and did not complete the study because of an accident
I lost my fruit (Arwa and me)
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